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Thunder Bay Regional Women's Committee Meeting Minutes- June 15, 2017

Thunder Bay Regional Women’s Committee
Meeting Minutes of
Thursday June 15, 2017

In Attendance:
Jenn Kovacs (UNE 00296), Rita Ann Lemick (UHEW), Tammy Veltri (UTE 00020), Jean Kerber (UTE 00020), Sheila Karasiewicz (UNE 00296), Danica Pavelic (UHEW 00035), Margaret Paglaro (UHEW 00035), Susan Micklea (UHEW 00296)

Staff: Sandra Goodick, Regional Representative
Nancy Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Guest: Judith Monteith-Farrell

Regional Representative Report –
Sandra provided a summary of the mandate of Regional Women’s Committee:
• Role of the RWC in PSAC and community
• minimum four (4) meetings per year
• financial reporting requirements
• posting of meeting notices and minutes

Missy Taylor is the ON Women’s Rep on council and is a great resource person. Her email is located on the ON PSAC website and Nancy will send her a copy of minutes and elected contact information.

Financial Report

Nancy provided a financial update. Bank balance as of April 25, 2017 statement was $3,812.05.
One stale dated cheque found in cheque book of $164.16 dated December 15, 2016 payable to the NOW Area Council for Seasonal Open House event. Only one signature on cheque. Will have to be re-issued once new signing authorities in place.
No 2017 budget and 2016 reports has not been filed. She will work with Executive to ensure that the financial documents get filed
She will contact BMO to set up changing of signatories.

Election of Officers results

• Chair- Jenn Kovacs
• Vice Chair-Margaret Paglaro
• Treasurer-Michelle Woods
• Recording Secretary-VACANT
• Membership Secretary-Rita Ann Lemick

The recording secretary position remains “VACANT” however committee members volunteered to take turns preparing minutes. Nancy will prepare minutes for this meeting.

Proposed Meetings 2017

• June15, 2017-recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
• August 15, 2017 – Banner for Full Moon Memory Walk
• September 6, 2017 (Full Moon Memory Walk)
• October 3, 2017 – PSAC Domestic Violence in the Workplace workshop. Sheila is an Alliance Facilitator and could help Sandra deliver the workshop. Dinner to be provided. Open to PSAC sisters. 1 ½ hour module on Domestic Violence
• November 16, 2017-meeting to plan December 6th event
• December 6, 2017 – National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

District Labour Council Affiliation

Motion: That the PSAC Regional Women’s Committee affiliate with the Thunder Bay and District Labour Council.

Election of delegates to DLC-
Committee members suggested that they can rotate attending meetings at this time, until they have more details of what is expected of their participation and attendance.
Danica and Rita will attend the meeting on June 22, 2017. Sandra indicated that she and Peter Cloidt from TBay Area Council will be in attendance.

The cost is approx. .66 per member/month at a rate of 34 members. Sandra will provide the details of cost. Committee agreed to the affiliation.

Labour Day Volunteers
The TBay Area Council is having a planning meeting on July 5, 2017 and will be looking for volunteers to assist with distribution of ice cream cups. In prior years, 350+ ice cream cups were handed out. Volunteers required from 10-3 on Monday, September 4, 2017. Office will be sending out email notice asking for volunteers.

Other Business

Sandra suggested that the committee purchase a button maker. Kingston committees rent it out to the other committees’/community organizations at a small fee to recoup the cost of the equipment. Nancy had done some research on costs and approx. $500.00
The committee liked the idea and approved up to $500.00. She will provide details to the newly elected chair for further review.

That the committee reimburse Sandra for expenses incurred on behalf of the committee as follows:
June 15, 2017 meeting expense of $146.19
SWAG purchased at ON Regional Convention of $250.00
Boiling Point books of $40.00
(SWAG will be used as gifts for speakers, door prizes and/or raffles)

Total reimbursement of $436.19

Committee agreed to sponsor the “Feast” at end of an event being planned by Sheila with respect to water walkers. This would be an excellent community event for the members to get involved. Still in planning stage but Sheila will advise committee as details come into place. Red Dress buttons with proceeds to the Water Walkers.

Members asked what kind of events was the RWC involved in the past?

Northern Women’s Centre
Francophone Women’s Committee-December 6th event
District Labour Council-Women’s Committee, educational school
Thunder Bay Business Women’s Network-Services for women

Suggested that the committee make a PSAC Women’s banner showing support for the families at the Full Moon Memory Walk.
Sandra will purchase the broad cloth, markers and ribbons for the banner. Sheila has red dresses that we can use. The banner will be prepared in July/August prior to event.

What are the issues facing women members in your workplace?

• Childcare issues
• Sexism
• Women on women issues
• Understanding of feminism around your co-workers (dirty word, history, speaking out against men)
• Feminist principles make life better for others
• Ageism
• Succession planning/age friendly initiatives
• Effects of Phoenix, women get their pay disrupted more than men (Gender analysis)

Guest speakers could raise awareness on a variety of issues affecting women in their workplaces, home and communities.

Roundtable ideas for work/involvement of the committee:

• Lunch and Learn on issues affecting women
• Speakers series, collaborating with other union women’s committees in Thunder Bay, community organizations
• PSAC 1 ½ hour module on Domestic Violence
• Collection of toiletries to donate to local women’s shelters
• Provide feast for “Water walkers”
• Pamphlet re: RWC (who we are, what is the RWC, what we’re planning, past accomplishments)
• December 6th event partnership or PSAC members
• Executive members training on PSAC reporting requirements and mandate etc.
• Sharing of emails, contacts in the community
• Contacting Missy Taylor, Women’s rep on ON Council for ideas/support
• How can our committee get involved in community events, hands-on experience (searches, food bank, serve meals at shelters, collect supplies)?
• Tools for schools (filling back packs with school items)
• Reach out to more members
• Work on joint projects with Area Council
• Lobby Training
• Women in Leadership workshop (skills building)
• PSAC Women’s Program
• Labour Day Volunteers
• Movie night: Norma Rae, Suffragettes…

Meeting adjourned at 7:30
Minutes prepared by Nancy Johnson, Administrative Assistant

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